I don't know how but it seems that I made it to the final round of NGUAC 2017 with my song ​The Land of Air.

To be honest, I wasn't able to finish this song as I wanted, and in fact I will be making a new extended version of it in the future, so that plus the fact that I used my own voice for this one, I thought that I was a goner, but it seems that I wasn't.

I would like to thank to everyone who listened to the song and liked it, and I will try to do my best and bring a better song for the final round.

So today I received this notification that I made it to the next phase of the NGUAC 2017 competition.

I'm happy I made it, since I just participated without really thinking about it, but I'm curious about what is getting high marks on the competition.

The one thing I can take from the highest ranked songs on my group is that they were very well produced, with very clean sound, and either using real instruments or vocal samples, and a LOT of high quality effects, which makes me a little uncertain about my chances on this competition.

My only real strong point is composition and structure. I don't have fancy effects, nor the means or skill to record real instruments. Even thou I have improved a lot in the mixing and mastering department, I still struggle a lot in that department, and takes me a lot to get any kind of decent sound.

But either way, I will give my best and try to make a cool song for the next round.

I will be broadcasting live my working sessions, so if you want to watch them, follow me in my YouTube channel.

So, like the next day after I came back to this site, I was invited to a music competition called NGUAC, and I decided to participate by sending my old "All of our memories" song to the tryouts phase, but not before updating the old demo audio to the more recent album version... even thou that one is also getting kind of old.

If you want to know more about this competition please go to


It has been a while

2017-06-20 10:56:58 by ShikiGamiLD

Hello everyone, It's been a while since I've been in this site.

Real life got in the way, and also I was manly using another site called "TheSixtyOne" that just got axed about a month or so, so I'm kind of searching a new home.

I've been also uploading things to SoundCloud, but I don't feel like I get any new people to hear my things, so it's kind of a useless platform for me.

So here I am, seeing if Newgrounds would become my new home for releasing new songs and mainly interacting with my fans, which is something that just never happens on SoundCould.

I'm back

2013-03-03 04:11:17 by ShikiGamiLD

Hello, I'm back.
I realize last year I just uploaded 1 single song, and I apologize for it.
I (Hope) from now on I'll be a little more active, I'll be uploading new stuff.
Also, I'be been working to improve the quality of my songs, so probably any new songs (except those which were old demos or things like that) will have a better quality.

Please follow me in my Facebook page, since this isn't the only place were I post my music.

- ShikiGami

HQ Lossless songs

2010-11-04 14:35:57 by ShikiGamiLD

I've started to sell HQ Lossless versions of my songs on Bandcamp.

If you would like to support me and/or the HQ Lossless version of my songs, please go to:

And I'll be uploading more songs, so stay tuned.

- ShikiGami

First Post

2010-06-05 12:35:07 by ShikiGamiLD

If you are reading this is probably because you've listen to some of the work I have uploaded on this page, and I hope you liked it.
I'm still working on other themes and songs that I'll be uploading on this page, but I also upload on some other sites.

Most of my music can be heard either on or Groveshark under my aristic name ShikiGami. /ShikiGami/1251499

I also have an account on YouTube were I sometimes upload some stuff

I cannot say how often I will be updating my work but I will try to do it as often as I can.

- ShikiGami