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~The Permanent Destination~ ~The Permanent Destination~

Rated 5 / 5 stars

From your same group on the NGUAC competition.
Overall a very good piece. Your arrangement is quite good, and even if a little more would have been nice, the song is quite melodic for a Dubstep centered piece.
The mixing is good, and your use of instruments is quite nice.
The overall atmosphere is good, specially in the intro and outro.

Good luck ;)

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Whitewaters Whitewaters

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hello there, from your same group of the NGUAC competition.
I like the development and overall composition. Your use of the piano is spot on my opinion, but it could make use a little bit of small arpegios at times.
That said, it is overshadowed a little bit by the mixing. The bass is way too loud at times, and i overshadows the other instruments. Also the water sounds feel a little bit out of place.
I also feel that some of the electronic sounds to accompany the overall harmony are spot on, while others feel a little bit generic.

Good luck ;)

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EverReverb responds:

Hey thanks for review ^^

Yeah, I may have overdone the low frequs a bit... Tho i gotta blame my goji earbuds for that at least partly tho xd. But enough excuses, i will keep in mind to pay closer attention to balancing.

I hope that we'll both be competing in the knockoffs ^^!

endK - Shoo-Ree-Na endK - Shoo-Ree-Na

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

From your same NGUAC group. I like the melody you are using, the development, variation, and the overall atmosphere.
The use of vocals, with its effects, is just on point.
It's a really solid track, just a little bit lacking in the mix. Almost with the exception of some effects almost every single sound feels like is in the same 3D space.
Just like TaintedLogic I would also liked a little more variation in the main melody.

Good luck ;)

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endKashika responds:

Thanks for the review mate! :)